I love writing! I write articles (mainly for magazines), an occational blog entry, and am the proud author of several (non-fiction) books. Most of it in Danish, but from time to time I juggle words in English, too. Windsurfing, running, naturism, and Danish bread are some of the topics I have had the pleasure of covering in English.

I’m Else Marie. I live in Copenhagen (Frederiksberg actually, but to non-locals it is basically the same) with my hubby and our kids. Amongst my favourite things to do are reading, running (especially that post-run feeling), travelling and eating (can’t stress that enough). When I figure out how, I’ll probably add SUP boarding and playing the ukulele to that list, but for now they are mostly just annoying (with potential, though). 

If you want to get in touch, use the form below or drop me an email (mail [at] elsemarielehman.net).